Esthetic Arts


... arrives at Living Arts JANUARY 3rd!

Esthetic Arts ... arrives at Living Arts October 3rd 

The medical assisting team


Go ahead and use this website guide to find your health care and wellness program. Then, connect with a caring Adviser. Share your story to find affordable, shorter, step-by-step, hands-on learning ... with placement assistance. Complete the form opposite or phone.


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Finding your place on the medical team could be the best job for you right now ...

Medical Assisting
Medical Billing & Coding
Massage Therapy

Classes begin November 14th

Esthetic Arts
Classes begin January 3rd
Day & evening sessions



A Guide to FOUR PROGRAMS geared to today's needs

Living Arts has pioneered high touch, higher learning experiences. Your Adviser will help discover your potential.


Esthetic Arts ... artistry for the esthectian

Esthetician performs facial


This is the program that is far beyond the usual ... an expanded program preparing the esthetician with the artistry of skin care ... with the new sciences. Meet your Adviser soon.


Esthetic Arts

introducing ...
the dual esthetic arts | massage therapy skill set

Combine massage therapy and esthetics skillsknowhow

Image two think-higher skills ... two reward possibilities. Living Arts will train THE DUAL professional ... with a four level Massage Therapy program ... and, a new level of artistry Esthetic Arts program. Rise above as you work to gain master supported by your Living Arts mentor. Be rewarded with a Founder Tuition grant! Your Adviser will help you build a plan.

Esthetic Arts is offered exclusively at the High Point campus

HydraFacial Syndeo

beyond all ... living arts hydrafacial

HydraFacial light treatment

The premier elite spa experience is the HydaFacial Beyond Facial. 

Honors graduates of Living Arts Esthetic Arts become eligible for post graduate certification training using Syndeo instrument tech ... at greatly reduced tuition along with a buainess leader experience as an intern at Living Arts Esthetic Arts Spa, located at the High Point campus event center.

Find the HydraFacial Syndeo Beyond Facial technology for the future, here today at Living Arts


Prepare to make a difference in patient care

The Medical Assistant is a respected member of the physician directed medical team. The Living Arts complete curriculum means the student gains patient care foundations along with administrative skills ... ready for the physicians office or clinic.

Medical Assisting ... key member of the medical team

Prepare for your in-demand place in the medical business office

Find a dual training experience for the changing environment in health care business management. The medical biller skill set connects to the expanding world of the medical coder. Build your foundation in the medical office as the essential medical biller and coder.

Prepare for the American Association Professional Coder exam


Medical Billing & Coding ... business member of the team

Massage Therapy ... for the independent wellness pro

Prepare for your special role as an independent care provider

Here is the aim-higher experience for today's massage therapy professional. Develop your potential through a combination of building skill sets and building business savvy. Find opportunity in many places in today's dynamic world.

Live the Change Soon


Two North Carolina campus locations


Raleigh, North Carolina Medical Arts & Creative Arts Campus

High Point, North Carolina Medical Arts Campus


Visit the campus that is more like a medical office or clinic. Meet faculty and staff who create the future medical arts professionals. Discover the Living Arts experience. 


About the medical arts

Living Arts Real World Programs

One-on-one Advising

Your senior Adviser cares about connecting you to a future in the Medical Arts!

Complete Program

A complete program series including training for your applicable Certification Exam.

All included

Books, materials, uniforms included! Find a campus environment that's high on success!


Qualify for Grants & Loans during your visit. Find job placement assistance for graduates.

One-on-one session time can be reserved for you to experience the potential for a career education in ...

  • Esthetic Arts

  • Medical Assisting

  • Medical Billing & Coding

  • Massage Therapy


+ Living Arts practical skills curriculum is about gaining foundation study on practical content that includes: medical terminology, anatomy and physiology and medical law and ethics. Move on to program concentration advancing to subjects key to your elected program.

+ Work toward licensing or certification based on the program of choice ...

  • Esthetician licensing preparation.

  • Medical Assisting RMA certification test preparation.

  • Medical Billing & Coding AAPC certification testing preparation.

  • Massage Therapy state licensing examination.

+ Find career planning advising to support a pathway to completing a program, graduate and head for the employment market with assistance from Living Arts Professional Services staff.

+ Next step campus visit is an Advising Session learning how to qualify for acceptance to Living Arts, examining potential, Q & A and checking financial assistance based on qualifications ... all aimed at planning for success!

Scrubs, medical items ... included!


Find "We care" Advising at ...

High Point  336.774.7600
Raleigh  919.488.8504


Preparing for Advising

Prepare for your Advising Session ... complete the tasks below and step ahead of others! The serious candidate for application and acceptance will complete all steps below.

Plan to bring ... or complete:


- CONFIRM that you have obtained a Federal Student Aid ID number ... available at:

- CONFIRM you (and your parent if living at home) have each obtained a Federal Student Aid ID number prior to arrival. Having the ID prior to arrival allows rapid calculation of financial aid.

- COMPLETE your FAFSA - Free Application for Student Aid. Living Arts school code for completing the FAFSA is: 031090

- COLLECT your 2021 tax return and recent W2 forms. Assistance in obtaining missing forms may be available by phoning the College Financial Assistance Office.

- ON ARRIVAL be prepared to present a valid picture ID - drivers license or passport works! We'll copy it.

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906 Mall Loop Road

High Point, North Carolina 27262 USA

3000 Wakefield Crossing Drive

Raleigh, North Carolina 27614 USA

Find consumer information on costs, graduation rates and more:


Raleigh, NC | 919-488-8504
High Point, NC | 336-774-7600

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