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... essential to the medical office

Medical Billing & Coding


Prepare to for a place as an essential member of the medical business office

A complete curriculum means the student gains both medical billing and medical coding training.

Your Living Arts Adviser will connect you will faculty and staff who are prepared to share years of practice know-how with you.


Prepare for the AAPC exam with in-target test practice

Why Living Arts | Medical Billing & Coding?

Medical Billing & Coding at Living Arts College School of Medical Arts welcomes students into a program that builds a foundation for success in the Medical Billing and Coding profession. Living Arts students go beyond the traditional classroom experience to engaged with a community of caring and experienced faculty ready to prepare students for certification after program completion. 

  • Train to complete the qualifying AAPC certification exam.

  • Take part in gaining a foundation of medical knowledge, along with in-depth training on the complete coding and billing cycle. 

  • Choose between day and evening class options, and complete the program in months!

  • Gain hands-on experience through a supervised externship before taking your Certification exam. 

  • Qualify for Living Arts Cares Financial Assistance.

High Point 336.774.7600
Raleigh 919.488.8504

Your Adviser will connect you with program details ... and a learning schedule shaped to accelerate your pathway to graduation.

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