How does a massage therapy career return two allied rewards for life?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I am so appreciative of the feedback that's repeated to staff again and again by graduates of our massage therapy program.

The spirit of independence prevails for the massage therapist.

There's a special kind of freedom here

Think of the role as far different from attending to a usual fixed hours job. This part "job" and part "caring". Sum up these two realities and the rewards surface.

  • Reward 1 I have the freedom to chart my hours, my location and even my customers.

  • Reward 2 This is a life long asset. There can be opportunity in so many places and so many venues. You may find me in my own spa, on a cruise ship, at a major hotel, the list is long.

You might want to add your own reward goal

Maybe you want to take a break from that 9 to 5 routine. Or, you're tuned to a calling for finding personal satisfaction in contributing to the care of others. You might find reward in talking to one of the senior massage therapy instructors at Living Arts.

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