CNA's are finding a way to move up with the medical team

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

We've got news for CNA's

We recognize the value of listening. We've heard from Certified Nursing Assistants that their desire to care for others touches a nerve when they might take a fresh approach. This is why we are sending the postcard below to CNA's within a 25 mile distance to Living Arts.

This is the front of the postcard being sent to area CNA's

It's all about "Months".

The story is positive. A CNA can qualify for a position as a medical assistant, medical office biller or coder with an education that short and affordable

“Yes, you can qualify for a new place on the medical team in months and not years of study.”

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It's never too late

We are finding age seems to have no limits for CNA's moving toward expanding their skill set in medical arts training that includes a new level of care ... or understanding of the medical office as in medical billing and coding.

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